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Pet Nutrition Counseling and Training

Pet Nutrition Counseling For a Healthier Pet

Often times, researching pet nutrition for pet owners requires lots of time and resources researching on the best pet food to feed their loving pet.

Unfortunately, the internet is overflowing with a sea of misinformation, frequently mixed in with misconceptions and partial truths to make the quest of finding accurate information incredibly difficult. Misinformation can be particularly dangerous, as it can lead a pet owner with every good intention to end up doing more harm than good to the pet.

Even with accurate information, most information online tend to be generic, which is unsurprising as they try to cater to a broad group of audience, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution applicable to every pet; especially when pet nutritional info is a main driver of researching and every animal is 100% unique.

What is best for your cats and dogs will change according to their age, breed, health conditions, lifestyles and other risk factors (such as disease), and finding out what’s best takes education and expertise. For this reason, the Vancouver Animal Hospital offers ongoing quality nutritional counseling to ensure that your pet will always be in top shape!

Call us today at (604) 670-7370 to set up a nutrition plan for your pet right away! For a full list of our services, check out our main veterinarian services page. Our furry friends have the ability to leave warning signs and different behavior patterns to let you know if the approve or disapprove of a certain food type, they do this by rejecting the food, jumping all over you when refill time comes and Don’t leave pet nutrition to chance, your pet is depending on you to make the right decision for them.