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Vancouver Pet Hospital Vet Services Highlights

Our custom vet services at Vancouver Animal Hospital keep pets in our Vancouver neighborhood in their best. We take great efforts in ensuring that is the case, because it’s our highest priority!

We provide top-notch quality vet services, and are equipped with the latest medical equipment to cater to your pet’s needs. Our staff and veterinarians are here because we love animals, and want all pets that visit us healthy and happy.

Our staff undergo continuing education and training to equip ourselves with the latest knowledge on animal research and equipment available. As a result, we can provide your pets with the best veterinary service and treatments.

As our veterinary clinic is fully staffed, we are able to spend a lot of time giving personalized attention. We interact with patients to make them feel at ease and minimize the stresses that come with necessary hospitalization. We are dedicated to providing the best experience for your cats and dogs – happy pets make us happy vets!

Vancouver Animal Hospital Components of Preventive Pet Healthcare - Vet Services

We offer comprehensive vet services, including Medical Services, Surgical Services, Wellness and Vaccination programs, Emergency Services, Counseling Services, and more. Some of the our primary services are listed below:

  • Wellness and Vaccination Programs
  • Pet Dentistry
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Detailed medical examination and assessment
  • Surgical procedures – including neuters and spays, emergency care, orthopedic, and soft tissue surgeries
  • Deworming, flea and parasite treatment and prevention
  • Dental and full-sized x-rays
  • Diagnostic laboratory – including microscopy, cytology, biochemistry, complete blood count, and allergy testing
  • Microchipping services
  • Pet boarding services
  • Consultations regarding pet travel, export documentations and regulatory requirements
  • Referral services – such as endoscopy, ultrasound, and other specialty services

We highlight five key components to optimal preventive pet health care above: Nutrition, Behavior, Dental Care, Parasite Control, and Vaccinations.

Every component is indispensable and cannot be neglected if you are looking to keep your pet safe and protected. We therefore summarize their importance, and our services provided to cater to such needs in the sections below.

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Pet Wellness and Vaccination Vet Service

Regular scheduled checkups and following a vaccination schedule is much more important than it may seem. Your dogs and cats age much faster than people, therefore their health conditions can take a drastic turn very rapidly.

Wellness programs help early detection or prevent diseases – we emphasize an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is particularly true for young kittens and puppies, senior pets, and pets with illnesses or health issues, and may need more frequent visits for optimal care. Meanwhile, we recommend that healthy adult pets to come visit us at least once a year for their routine checkup.

For more information, you can visit our page on Pet Wellness and Vaccination Programs.

Emergency Vet Care

Many pet owners have experienced times when unexpected situations happen in the middle of the night. Is your cat limping after having fallen off the perch and landing on a weird angle? Perhaps the puppy having swallowed a foreign object that he found on the floor? When is it time to call it an emergency and call your veterinarian?

Here’s our best advice – never wait to pick up the phone! If you have any concerns about your pet, regardless of the time of the day, always contact your veterinarian immediately. If you notice your pet behaving in an unusual manner, then chances are that you have spotted a subtle indication of a potentially serious problem.

Our seasoned veterinarians are used to handling emergency situations and are always prepared for times like these. Our emergency veterinarians will be able to gauge the severity of the situation after a quick phone consultation. We can advise whether it is an urgent matter that needs to be immediately addressed at an animal hospital, or whether it is safe to wait until normal office hours to conduct a thorough examination.

If everything is fine and normal, at least you’ll be at ease and can get a good night’s sleep.

Pet Dentistry and Cleaning Vet Service

Your cats and dogs need their teeth cleaned like how we do! Regular pet dental care can prevent or help with early detection of dental diseases. It can also prevent problems before it leads to other serious health issues, such as lung, kidney and heart diseases.

We offer a full range of dental services, including dental x-rays, and full dental prophylaxis for your cats and dogs, including scaling, polishing and extractions if necessary, while keeping your pets as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Don’t neglect the practice of maintaining good pet dental hygiene and keep your little family member happy and smiling!

Detailed information can be found on our page regarding Pet Dentistry.

Veterinarian Counseling Services

Counseling services local pet owners in Vancouver BC ask about typically fall into 2 categories: Nutritional counseling and Behavioral counseling. Other inquiries include pet travel and export documentation requirements.

Our professional veterinarians are well-versed in animal behavior as well as their nutritional needs. They also have many years of experience with regards to the regulations and documentation requirements to bring pets abroad.

Whether it be prescribing an optimal diet to cater to your dog or cat’s weight management, breed-specific behaviors and needs, or problems related to pet aggression and training, we can provide sound advice to help you make informed decisions in keeping your pet in the best shape all-year round.

Consult with one of our Vancouver Animal Hospital expert veterinarians to help you make the best vet services choices for your pets today!

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