You have always had great love and compassion for animals and have dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Here is a summary of how to go about fulfilling your desire to be a vet. Of course educating yourself on just what a veterinarian does and where, is important.

Treating diseased, sick, injured and elderly animals will be daily procedures. These tasks may be conducted in a clinic, zoo, at a farm or a government facility. You already have a love and compassion for animals, a must before committing to this career. Along with this, the blossoming veterinarian to be, must be open to participating in the ever changing world of animal care. The medical advances move quickly both in drug treatment and operating techniques, you must be on top of them.

There is a standard established educational pattern that most applicants will follow, yours may vary slightly. First in order, earning a high school diploma followed by 4 years in college to attain a Bachelor’s degree.

Then you will be taking the GRE, Graduate Record Examination, next the MCAT, Medical College Examination Test.Based on how you do with these and factoring in your college grades you will then be attending a 4 year stint at a reputable veterinarian school.

After your successful passing of this proud achievement you then approach a final key step in the process. The NAVLE up next, acronym for the North American Veterinarian Exam.Once completed you will be standing next to your fellow peers as a full fledged veterinarian!

But not so you become overwhelmed here reading all theses steps of this seemingly impossible journey to treat your beloved animals, let us step back a moment.

Focus on today and the initial steps you can take now to prepare yourself early on. Do you know a veterinarian, or possibly have a local vet that knows you and may be open to having a free lunch Take a note pad, have a casual conversation. Ask how they got started, how long did it take them, are they enjoying their job and what their average day is like. Show your passion and interest , seeing this they will respond in kind.

Another great way to boost your start is to volunteer at a shelter or an animal hospital. Surrounded by the actual goings on, picking up the jargon and actual hands on work, will greatly enhance your quest.

Be aggressively proactive, get an entry level job at a local veterinarian clinic, that way you can learn AND earn at the same time! While there, demonstrate your willingness to work hard and participate, this may well earn you a nice recommendation when you enter veterinarian college.

By doing some or all of the above will solidify in your mind what you always wanted, no longer a dream but a reality.

A final tip and this may well depend on where you live, tag along and go along on some large animal care jobs with a country vet. What these ladies and gents do is simply amazing. To see live some of the ‘making do with what you have’ emergencies is something that will stay with you for life and cannot be replicated in a school.

Good luck on your journey, may you pursue and fulfill that early dream of becoming a full fledged veterinarian. Maybe soon you’ll be the one answering the ‘Local Veterinarians Hiring‘ ads in your local newspaper soon.