Puppies spend a great deal of time on chewing, biting and investigating stuff. All these seemingly normal activities involve the use of mouth and the needle sharp teeth. When puppies play with people or objects they often bite or chew or mouth at people’s hand, limbs and clothes. This may seem cute at first but it isn’t half the fun when you have needle sharp teeth sticking at your hands and it doesn’t seem to stop. If not stopped at time, this behavior will continue as the dog gets bigger day by day. Here are some ways on how to train a puppy not to bite.

Puppy Mouthing

It is extremely important that you teach your puppy to curb his mouthy behavior. There are various ways to curb this habit. While some are better than others but the ultimate goal is to stop your puppy from mouthing people and objects and stop him from biting people altogether. The first step is to make it known to him that people have a very sensitive and gentle skin and so he must be cautious and gentle while using his mouth.

Difference Between Mouthing and Mouth-Biting

Mouthing and mouth-biting are just a part of play for your puppy and a part of his growing up. However, do not confuse mouthing with mouth-biting. If teeth are involved, it has to be stopped. Most puppies bite just to play and the reason they continue is because they misinterpret your response.

Be Consistent

Every time your little canine bites, you must say “NO” in a harsh and strong voice and then walk away and ignore him. If they still do not get the message that they are biting too hard, next time yelp. This will help because puppies do the same when a sibling in the litter bites them too hard.

Stroke and Talk

When your puppy has calmed down you must talk gently and stroke him keeping your hand away from his mouth. Tummy tickles are a great way of connecting with your dog and they will also help you in being distant from his mouth. If they bite again, continue the process.

Teach Him To Be Gentle

You can teach your puppy to control the force of his mouthing or biting through biting inhibition. A puppy that hasn’t been trained in bite inhibitions ends up biting people too hard as he fails to realize the sensitivity of human skin. Puppies that have been trained in biting inhibitions never bite people too hard while playing. Puppies generally learn this by playing with other puppies but you can teach him not to bite by observing their behavior and yelping. If he continues biting, stop playing until he gets the message.

Don’t Be Rough

Never play rough with your puppy as it only inclines him to bite. This kind of play will encourage biting in a puppy’s mind.


You must praise and reward him for his good behavior. Most of the dogs are eager to please their masters and your puppy will listen to you if you reward him with cuddles and treats.

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