So does your rabbit need veterinarian care? Most certainly yes. In fact, veterinarians all around the country now offer something known as a “well bunny visit”. A “well bunny visit” is similar to your regular annual checkup, but for your rabbit. It allows you to take your rabbit to a vet even while he’s not showing any signs of sickness so that he can check him up, check how his body parts feel, how his belly feels etc. Even if your rabbit is not showing any issues, we recommend you to do a “well bunny visit” at least once a year so that your vet can keep records on your pet rabbit updated regularly.

Be careful, though. There are these so-called “rabbit specialists” who claim that they have specialised in rabbit care. This is of course not true, and these people might even cause harm to your pet because they aren’t as experienced as they claim they are. The truth is that there is no such thing as a specialist when it comes to veterinarians. Veterinarians can’t specialise in a certain area of ability. They can, of course, undergo a special training in a certain field after veterinarian school, but they can never call themselves specialists in any area.

So how can you find a reliable rabbit vet? Well, the best thing to do is to go online and search for “Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians,” or abbreviated – AEMV. At their website, you can find a list of veterinarians who enjoy working with various species of animals. There is a big possibility that you can find a vet with a decent experience in working with rabbits in your area if you search for a bit. Also, check out for a rabbit rescue organisation in your area, there is a really big chance to find a rabbit vet there as they work with a lot of rabbits. Even if they don’t have one working with them at the moment, they can most certainly recommend one for you.

As your rabbit gets older, you should consider taking him to the vet more often. If you have so far taken him once a year, as recommended, you should consider taking him twice a year when he comes to a certain age. Like humans, rabbits too need to visit a doctor more often as they get older. Do not ignore vet’s advice just because you think that it is not necessary! If your vet, for example, needs to do a blood test on your rabbit, he is not doing it to take money from you. Even if your rabbit is completely healthy, it is very good to have some notes to compare with if he gets sick.

So if you are considering on getting a rabbit, or you already have one, remember to have him/her regularly checked. Remember to do your research before choosing a vet. If money is not your concern, try visiting more than one vet in order to get more than one point of view before choosing.

Don’t wait for an emergency to start taking your rabbit to the vet. And, most importantly, don’t forget your annual “well bunny visits” – it’s all for your little fluffy one.