Aggression in cats can be a complicated and upsetting problem for owners to solve. An aggressive cat can be very dangerous, especially toward children who may not be able to recognize the physical cues that are the warning signs of aggression. Cat aggression can be due to various reasons. Aggression can be due to fear, pain or when a new cat is introduced in the house. In order to deal with an aggressive cat it is important to know the various forms of cat aggression. Let us discuss each one of them in detail.

Unless you are a cat owner you won’t know the importance of scratching posts for cats.

If you have just got a new kitten or cat you might think that you had spent enough money on it by the time you have bought food, food bowls, a collar, some toys and a cat bed. However, many new cat entrepreneurs don’t realise the importance of getting their cat a scratching post.

Cats need to be able to use scratching posts to wear down their claws and mark their territory. If you don’t produce a scratching post for them to be able to do this on they will no doubt find something else in the residence to do it on instead.

It is natural for cats to scratch. therefore it is a very difficult thing for you to try to stop them from doing. You can’t remove their claws as they need them, so you have to live with the fact that they will need to wear them down on something. They can use a lot of other things to scratch on instead. Some cats scratch on the wall. This takes off all the spruce up and tends to make a real mess. Some like to scratch on the sides of leather sofas. Some will scratch the carpet and make it threadbare. Thus investing in a relatively cheap scratching post will seem like a good funding compared to having to buy a new carpet, new sofa or redecorate one of your rooms.

When they scratch cats are marking their territory. The signifies that their claws make indicate that the area belongs to them. It is a natural thing for them to do and a very difficult habit to stop. You can’t hit your cat or tell it off. The cat doesn’t understand this and will not change their habits.

You may find that cats are fussy about what scratching post they use. You might buy a beautiful one that fits in perfectly with the decor of your room just to find that the cat will ignore it. Sometimes they just like the cheapest in the shop, and sometimes you have to buy numerous different ones in buy to find one that the cat prefers. You can’t show them how to scratch and expect them to use the scratching post. They know what it is for, but sometimes just select not to use a particular one.

If your cat is an outdoor cat it may pick to use something outdoors like a tree trunk to scratch instead. This is fine and doesn’t matter, as long as the cat isn’t scratching your furniture. However, for kittens and new cats, who can’t be let outside yet, the importance of scratching posts is obvious. They need somewhere to scratch and it is value investing in a scratching post if it saves your furniture, wall and carpets from being scratched. If your cat ignores it don’t think it was a pointless purchase as if you hadn’t bought it the cat may have used something from your home instead.

Search online or in newspapers that are delivered to your home to see if you can find local veterinarian coupons¬†that will save you money. But keep in mind, once you find a good local vet, you may want to keep them for the long term, since they will get to know your cat and it’s history.